Gabriella Rosenthal. Es war einmal in Jerusalem. A Very Personal View

The drawings by Gabriella Rosenthal (1913-1975) are her very personal view of everyday life in the ethnically, religiously, and socially diverse Jerusalem before and shortly after the founding of the State of Israel: pictures from a bygone era that maintained the possibility of social coexistence in the multicultural and tense society of the Holy Land.
Gabriella Rosenthal, mother of Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin, was born in Munich. In 1935 she moved with her husband, Shalom Ben Chorin, to Jerusalem. Her works in watercolour and ink, many of them printed in her weekly column "Palestine People"; tell of the multicultural everyday life of the various ethnic groups.

With contributions by Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin and Adina Ben Chorin, Kathrin Schwarz, Stephan Kummer, Anja Siegemund and Chana Schütz

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