The Ghent Altarpiece by the brothers Van Eyck

History and Appraisal

The Ghent Altarpiece may be considered the greatest work in the history of Early Netherlandish painting. It is extraordinary not only for it's physical scale and art historical significance, but also for the countless studies and critical appraisals that have been devoted to it by art lovers and scholars for more than 500 years. In recent times, the altarpiece has once again provoked interests and has generated discussions that have often been controversial. Most of these have revolved aroun the creation of the work and the respective roles of the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck- an apparently inexhaustible subject that already gave rise to heated debate in the years preceding Wolrd War I.
This publication goes beyond the scope of a conventional exhibtion catalogue. While all the painted copies shown in the exhibtion are reproduces here, the installation or reconstruction of the winges alatrpiece could not be included since it had not yet been constructed at time of press.

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