Wendepunkte (GER)

Free German Youth or a Religious Youth Group? Studying in Moscow or secretly distributing the opposition’s pamphlets? Head of state or political exile? What will your biography during the German reunification look like?

"Wendepunkte" lets you play a possible life during the DDR and after the reunification. You will be confronted with the pressures of the system, contradictions within a possible biography and you will have to make decisions that will have direct repercussions later in your play-life. You will learn, through play, about the political changes of 1989, which changed the lives of millions of people over night.

"Wendepunkte" is an easy, entertaining and exciting card game which is fun to play and explains East-West German history.

The game was created in cooperation with the DDR Museum.

This game is only available in German.

6,95 €
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